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enough148445jpgOne of the people of the Enough is Enough collective had some health problems this year and will only be able to continue his work for independent media on the same level if he can reduce his working hours at his regular job. But that will only be possible if he finds new ways to finance his daily life and work.

I am working for independent media for more than 30 years now. Since the late nineties mainly online. At the moment I write for the Eisbrecher Wuppertal blog, the Enough is Enough blog and every now and than for several other independent media blogs and platforms like Revolution News. I also create and spread content for many Facebook pages (Enough is Enough, Revolution News,  Eisbrecher Wuppertal & many other pages) and Twitter accounts ( @enough14, @eisbrecherwtal and many other Twitter accounts). Sometimes I also film for the Enough is Enough YouTube channel and I provide livestreams for the No Troika channel at Due to health problems I had to slow down a bit. After the hours in my regular job I needed to recover and didnt had much time left for my independent media work.

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