First report from Refugee Freedom March

Enough is Enough!:


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Two or three thousand protesters in Berlin said farewell to our group who left for Strasbourg on Friday. The singer of the popular indie rock band Tocotronic played and the federal chairman of the socialist party held a speech and most minor or major socialist organizations sent people to sell pamphlets and stuff.
It was not sure if enough refugees would show up and in the end we had to send back the travel coach we ordered, but we set in motion motivated by the large demo.
The police held back one of our small busses, claiming it had damaged a parking car while moving out. Another bus broke down on the highway but was later fixed.
We drove to Freiburg through Thüringen, because the Bavarian route, which is shorter, also has more border controls by the German police. We did not stop at gas stations and left the…

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Its time to revolt!
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