Videos and statement: New occupied free space in #Istanbul, #Kadiköy

We are Yeldeğirmeni Solidarity from Turkey. We formed this solidarity group after the Gezi park occupation. It’s a neighbourhood Solidarty project in İstanbul/ Kadıköy.


About 2 months ago we occupied one bulding in our neighbourhood. It s a half building and it was empty for the last 20 years like garbage in front of our eyes and our streets. So we decided to occupy the building and make it a public place with a social center. There is a lot of work to do and we didn’t publish about it.

Last friday there was a workshop from Amsterdam School of the Art for our neighbours. The concept was “1 building, 1 day, 40 students” . They were thinking about working all day inside of the building and make a opening party for neighbours. When we meet and started to work inside the building, suddenly 10 police cars and many policemen came to the building. They couldn’t give us a real reason. But as we understand they came to arrest everyone of us. ( Thats why there were about 10 police cars) .

Video: Cops came to the squat:

Suddenly many people started to share this news, some newspapers and journalist published a story about the situation and many people and solidarty groups supported us. They kept us inside the building and checked our ID’s. But after many people started to share this news and give us a support the police left. On friday evening many people came to support us.

Unfortunalty there are no other squats, occpied house used as a publice place in Turkey. This is the first one and we will not stop. We will open a social center for the public. We are thinking about make a general saloon (for exhibitons,theatre,forums, dancing whatever you want), video and photogrape studio, kitchen, library, music studio, free market, childeren room and a roof garden. Our main idea is “Another earth is posibble”. We hope this mentality can jump all around Turkey and people will start more occupations.

Yeldeğirmeni Solidarity , Istanbul Kadiköy, Turkey

Video about the Squat in Istanbul Kadiköy:

Über Enough is Enough!

Its time to revolt!
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