#LampedusaHH #Hamburg #Germany: A right to stay for everybody! – Tonight 22:00

polilogoAt the moment there is a night dance demo against High rents (Dance & Occupy) which started at the university campus in Hamburg. But we also want to protest against the racist controls by cops in the Ottensen and Altona neighbourhood tonight: 22:00 at Spritzenplatz (Altona/Ottensen), Hamburg

Mayor Olaf Scholz and others who are responsible for the racist agitation and police controls in Hamburg. The German Police Union (workers union for policemen) are complaining that they are at the limit of their capacity and that police forces are over the top. We say we can do much more!
Tonight at 22:00 at Spritzenplatz (Altona/Ottensen), Hamburg
Stop Controls! Fight Racism!

Translated from German from other websites and tweets.

Über Enough is Enough!

Its time to revolt!
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